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Friday, November 7, 2008

Christian pomposity and hypocrisy

The Christian position that disenfranchised the gay community in California marred the incredible night of Barack Obama's electoral victory.

I endured a spirited exchange two weeks prior on homosexual legitimacy. My opponent denied that people are born gay and if they do, the % is unknown. He was admant that many have been counselled and had changed their orientation through the church because being gay is a modern expression of Godless existence. Strange - there are countless references to homosexuality in historical record.

As usual arguments founded on Christian virtue are woefully under informed and smacks of someone who lacks intellectual curiosity. Sprouting incessantly about Christian values anchored in the Bible; forgetting of course that modern social concepts of which they are beneficiaries have evolved always beyond Biblical record.

In California 75% of black women voted for proposition 8 while revelling in Obama's unprecedented electoral sweep. I reminded my opponent that the Bible was used to justify the enslavement of Africans and his attitude mirrors the bigotry of that time. He was unable to connect the two, attitudes toward unaccepted sexual orientation and racial inequality.

The disenfranchisement is the same, the inability to see the human face is the same, the intractable bigotry is the same. It rarely occurs that a minority group recently uplifted turns to the next minority group to uplift them in turn.

Barack Obama, a man of unceasing humanity and broad intellect does not support uncompromising positions. My point is this - people are not thinking, they have knee jerk reactions to complex issues, are intellectually lazy and all pumped up to skewer others. A very sad, mediocre commentary to which I will not yield.