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Sunday, May 4, 2008

soul pirates

jury is in as far as I'm concerned that drug pushers are the most evil among people -in a viscious world such as this replete with every version of parasitic menace, to rise to the top of that stinking heap is a feat - how disconnected and selfish does one need to be to prey on people who are shells of old memories - to see profit and amusement in the broken spirit of another takes a soul as empty as the user.

I love history

history gives depth, direction, purpose in human life - without its knowledge we repeat lessons all learned in earlier life - as life has no vacum it is useless to insist that life is understood without history underpinned - history is the compass of all humanity - to ignore its placement is to secure one's own undoing.

my personal best

sometimes its fun to fight yourself back from failure - your own personal hades builds spirit like no other training and I am grateful for my many bouts of distress - they made me strive to my personal best and for these things and more I am grateful.


so much hope and loyalty was my error - like a date the best foot set on stage and my mistake to embrace that display - I had such belief - I would lie in the street for you - betrayed am I when I consider our time - a boss with interests underhand found solace in the machinations of putrid braggarts his level was met and I felt inept - I was unaware of the daggers that plotted my demise my boss also a conspirator in its design - my disappointment has pained me after it terrorized and sidelined me - I felt remorse even when I had no reason for such course - my path is set I have little to connect with people who play in shadows and break spirits in others - my hypocrisy is unbuilt, my betrayal unspent I play no games my mind is unchained - courageous am I with no need for popular mimes - sure am I that I can speak my mind to the faces that meet mine and I see their eyes - I speak my mind regardless of the boomerang - my boss was not with me he had left my side had slithered to the other side - and that side so beneath my pride could never do for me - could never do for me - beneath my pride.

Saturday, May 3, 2008


men of home grown civility are sorely missed when confronted with those who lack subtle consistencies - only then do long abhored lessons of honourable discharge take on awesome utility in adult courtship and loving regard.

a man of proper breeding is a gem of immense meaning - for middle class girls like me any shortfall is greatly unsettling - walking under water is my feeling as I weed through pitfalls of personal confusion - these men are bewildering!

the ordinary, newly minted are unaware of needing all these badges of breeding - awkward and clumsy they knock about sending me dizzy and on guard.

give me heartbreak give me disappointment give me all the indignities of unrequited loving but always must they be dealt by the hand of an emissary of middle class society.