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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Broken Silence in Lord Nuffield Yarn

de bene esse: literally, of well-being, morally acceptable but subject to future validation or exception

Prostituted at 12 to Morris Minor icon Lord Nuffield: a titan of British philanthropy who founded an Oxford college. 

Prostituted at 12 by my mother to Morris Minor icon Lord Nuffield
History has certainly been kind to Lord Nuffield, and with good reason. Today the multi-millionaire founder of Morris Motors - and of an Oxford University college - is viewed as one of this country's greatest-ever philanthropists. Yet for all the millions he gave away, there is at least one woman who still shudders when she thinks of Lord Nuffield's 'generosity' and the price she paid in return. This woman has told police that William Nuffield (right) subjected her to a decade of sexual abuse, which started when she was 12 years old and ended only when she became engaged to be married. Today, Ann Vaughan, pictured (inset) aged 79 and (left) when she was just 13 years old, has bravely agreed to waive her right to anonymity to reveal how the peer systematically assaulted her - with, shockingly, she says, the silent connivance of a mother who was cowed by his wealth and influence.
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