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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Hitler's special treatment in 1923

de bene esse: literally, of well-being, morally acceptable but subject to future validation or exception

Hitler was shown special treatment while in jail in 1923 and allowed to get beer shipped in because prison guards sympathised with his extreme views, historian reveals

CORRECTS YEAR PHOTO WAS TAKEN IN TO 1931 INSTEAD OF 2013- FILE - In this Dec. 5, 1931 file photo Adolf Hitler, leader of the National Socialists, emerges from the party's Munich headquarters. Historical documents show Adolf Hitler enjoyed special treatment, including plentiful supplies of beer, during his time in Landsberg prison.  (AP Photo/file)
Adolf Hitler was allowed to buy 31 litres of beer a month while in prison for trying to overthrow the Weimar Republic in 1923. Newly released prison records showed Hitler also had 330 visitors while in jail.
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